Date: September 9th - 15th, 2004
Author: Sarah Liss
Publication: Now Magazine, Vol. 24 No. 2

Rating: NNN

The prairie-bred twins return with another disc of intense, self-doubting power pop focused on the darker side of relationships both fraternal and romantic (or both, for those whose fantasies tend toward the V. C. Andrews end of the spectrum). So Jealous has a Cars-meet-garage punk vibe polished to perfection by their New Porno peeps John Collins and Dave Carswell. The sisters play with their vocal contrasts - Sara is chirpy, Tegan growly - in a cool, multi-tracked Sleater-Kinney way that should please their post-riot grrrl fans, and the disc offers proto-arena rockers and sad love-on-the-road songs. I just wish Tegan and Sara's lyrics retained more of the cryptic wordiness they had on This Business Of Art, because their repeated references to "this love" make it seem like the dynamic duo have dumbed themselves down for the masses.