Review in Finnish Magazine SOUNDI
January 2003
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Tegan & Sara Quin, sisters in their early twenties, have for a few years been building a cult repuitation in North America with their unique sounding music and by gigging with eg. Neil Young and Ryan Adams. If It Was You is already their third long play and a very jubilant affair. The songs and performances are influenced among others by classic pop-hits, such as the magnificient Monday Monday Monday. The influences donŽt stop there, there are also echoes of punk, rock and in City Girl even reggae.Tegan & Sara are no honey throats, the charm of their songs and singing lies somewhere in between ragged girliness and unholdable woman energy. Sometimes such personalities as Cyndi Lauper or Patti Smith come to mind, but whether or not the spirits of those ladies are there knowingly or not, the soup the sisters cook up is nevertheless very tasty. They are clearly doing something important to them, but not all the time dead seriously.Once you open both of your ears to the sisters, youŽll notice how catchy and irresestible their music is. And even though the moods vary from noisy raggedness to pretty falsettos, the CD of a dozen three minute cuts also builds a fine whole.