Tegan And Sara rock out
Toronto Sun
Tegan And Sara

These harmony-loving siblings from Calgary -- now based in Vancouver -- rock out significantly on the strong follow-up album to their Ani DiFranco-ish folk debut, 2000's This Business Of Art.
In stores Tuesday, this 12-track record possesses a more manic edge, particularly on the standout Time Running, with help from producers John Collins and Dave Carswell (The New Pornographers, The Smugglers, The Evaporators).
There are also numerous punchy pop-New Wave tracks reminiscent of the Go-Go's or the Pretenders like You Went Away, Monday, Monday, Monday, City Girl, Underwater and I Hear Noises.
The sisters also prove capable of taking it down a notch on more contemplative tracks like Not Tonight, Terrible Storm, Want To Be Bad and Don't Confess, or the stripped-down Living Room and And Darling.
Work on If It Was You began on Galliano Island -- one of B.C.'s beautiful Gulf Islands -- and ended at the Factory and Greenhouse studios in Vancouver. It was mixed in Los Angeles.
The duo claim the lo-fi, high-cred of the last album, which was made in only 10 days, is maintained on their latest effort.
I think they may have a point.

Track Listing

1. Time Running
2. You Went Away
3. Monday, Monday, Monday
4. City Girl
5. Not Tonight
6. Underwater
7. I Hear Noises
8. Living Room
9. Terrible Storm
10. And Darling
11. Want To Be Bad
12. Don't Confess