Tabassum Siddiqui
If It Was You

The Wonder Twins move to Vancouver, ditch the acoustic guitars and team up with a couple of New Pornographers (producers John Collins and Dave Carswell) to come up with a brash, supremely hooky album that’s more a natural progression of their signature sound than it is a huge change in direction. Anyone who’s been following the Quin sisters’ career knows that they’ve always rocked out - this time they’re just bringing some of those influences to the surface. Gone are Hawksley Workman’s clever folk-pop arrangements from their previous album in favour of new wave guitar lines and love songs that are more bitter than sweet. "Time Running" is like a modern take on ‘80s nugget "Tainted Love" and "Monday, Monday, Monday" should really have been the first single instead of "I Hear Noises" - it’ll be stuck in your head for days after you hear it. Tegan And Sara should really be household names by now - if this album doesn!te t do it, nothing will.