Monteal Hour - September 19th
Jamie O'Meara

Tegan and Sara - (Superclose/Universal) IF IT WAS YOU
On the day of this review, September 19, Vancouver twin sisters Tegan and Sara will turn 22. Happy birthday ladies, you've got a great album on your hands. If It Was You, the follow-up to their 2000 debut, represents two great leaps forward, playing and songwriting-wise and in overall confidence. The inventive, hard-edged rock and pop is harder, better invented, and the sly subtleties are subtler, slyer. And if you get caught mouthing their words, you're not going to feel like you have to pull your pants back up. There is an inescapable sense that they are trying to do something meaningful here, something important. If It Was You is the inescapable proof that they have succeeded. 4/5